/The Best In-Game Dunkers of All-Time

The Best In-Game Dunkers of All-Time

So the NBA All-Star Weekends Slam Dunk Contests is one of the most hyped up events of the NBA season. Why is that?? Besides buzzer beaters, dunking is one of the most exciting things to see in the NBA. It gets fans involved, and spreads a level of excitement to everyone, which makes basketball such an amazing game to watch. Today’s topic is “The Best In-Game Dunkers of All-Time”.

This our list of the top in game dunkers in NBA History and they’re  in no particular order. 

Shawn Kemp

First we have Shawn Kemp. He was picked 17th overall in the 1989 NBA draft, but his talent was out of this world. Not only was he a powerful dunker in space but also in traffic. Defenders couldn’t stop him because once he was around the basket everyone was getting dunked on, no matter how big or tall you were. Opponents knew they were in trouble when Shawn led the fast break because once he started going downhill we all knew what was going to happen. Even Though he was a big man, his handle with the ball and athleticism was something that was highly unusual for big men of his era. Here’s some of Shawn Kemp’s best in-game dunks. 

Darryl Dawkins

Darryl Dawkins is next on our list. He had dunks like the “Earthquake Shaker”, the “Spine Chiller Supreme” and the “Slam Bam Thank You Maam”. He dunked with such power he shattered 2 backboards, and earned himself the nickname “Chocolate Thunder”. Dawkins, David Thompson and Julius Erving helped fans and people in general realize how exciting the dunk was. Dunking was the most exciting way to score in basketball and we owe thanks to Darryl Dawkins for this. Although he was an average player, without him, the dunk wouldn’t be as exciting as it is in today’s nba. Here’s some of Chocolate Thunder’s best in game dunks.

Dominique Wilkins

Next we have Dominique Wilkins. Wilkins was a spectacular player, but he had an unfulfilled NBA career due to players like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. When we mention Dominique Wilkins, we think back to 1985, when he first appeared in the Slam Dunk Contest, and defeated Michael Jordan. He won again in 1990, but this was the moment he became one of the must-see players when the Hawks came to play your hometown team. If you thought his dunks in the dunk contest were something, then it was a whole other level of excitement watching him dunk in games. Let’s check out some of Nique’s greatest in-game dunks.

Michael Jordan

Next on the list, we have the Goat himself, Michael Jordan. Jordan was a master of everything basketball so this isn’t a surprise. He wasn’t called “Air Jordan” for nothing. He got up so high that it looked like he was floating, and just imagine this combined with his dunking creativity. One dunk that won’t go forgotten is his dunk from the freethrow line in one of the best Slam Dunk contests ever against Dominique Wilkins. After a great dunk, he never showboated or bragged, but just let his dunks talk for themselves. He wanted to deliver a message to the opponents with his dunks, and he did just that. Just another way he got under his opponents skin, plus his love for trash talk. Let’s check out some of Michael Jordan’s best in game dunks. 

Vince Carter

Next on our list we have Vince Carter. He earned the nickname “Vinsanity” because of his spectacular dunks. Vince is known for his dunks in games and also in the Slam Dunk Contest when he participated. If you have Shaq and KG on the sidelines with their tape recorders out, then you got it. He’s definitely one of the best in game dunkers of all time without a doubt. His instincts are incredible and because of his crazy athletic abilities, even if it looks impossible, it’s always possible with Vince. No matter if you’re a 7 footer, or 250 pounds, there’s no way possible to stop him once he leaves his feet. Here’s some of Vince Carter’s best in game dunks. 

Blake Griffin

Next on our list we have Blake Griffin. With his size, athleticism and power, he was one of the key pieces to the “Lob City” era with the Clippers. Him and Deandre Jordan brought excitement back to LA because of their crazy athletic dunk highlight reels. But of course, if couldn’t have been done with Chris Paul, who’s one of the best passers in the game. Blake’s athleticism allowed him to catch lobs from half court and he’d finish them with ease. He was dunking everything possible, which made him one of the best in game dunkers of all time. He’s not playing with as much athletic ability anymore because of injuries, but let’s check out some of Blake Griffin’s best in game dunks.

DeAndre Jordan

And lastly on our list is Deandre Jordan. He was one of the pieces to the Clippers “Lob City” era along with CP3 and Blake Griffin. Just imagine playing with two big athletic big men who can run the floor? If the defenders are able to stop Griffin, DeAndre Jordan is wide open. He was just as athletic as Blake, but maybe just not as creative. His poster on Brandon Knight had the fans, players and even social media speechless. A moment clipper fans will never forget. DeAndre Jordan is a high-flyer dunker and has embarrassed many opponents who are brave enough to try to contest his dunks. Let’s check out some of DeAndre Jordan’s best in game dunks. 

I know there’s a lot of dunkers who weren’t included on this list, but this is our list of our top 7 choices. Who else should’ve made this list who’s not on it? Let us know in the comments below.