/Westbrook vs. KD beef – Are They Cool Now?

Westbrook vs. KD beef – Are They Cool Now?

They all have their own personalities, goals, and passion for the game. Us fans love to watch them compete on a daily basis, but sometimes there’s a little extra going on behind the scenes. There’s been many feuds in the NBA and with that being said today we’ll get into the split of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook.

There wasn’t always beef between Westbrook and KD. Like every relationship, there’s started out great and the two were closer than ever. Kevin Durant was the second pick in the 2007 draft to the Supersonics. And a year later, Westbrook was drafted to the same team. KD, Westbrook and James Harden put OKC on the map and they even made it to the 2012 Finals against the Miami Heat. They ended up losing, but they still maintained a great relationship. 

KD even thanked Russell in his emotional MVP acceptance speech in 2013. OKC made it back to the western conference finals in 2016, but blew a 3-1 lead and a split was anticipated. After years of never getting past that hump, KD decided to move his talents elsewhere leaving Westbrook to fend for himself. 

And then the announcement came. Free Agent KD signs to the Warriors, and the whole basketball world, including Westbrook, was shook. Westbrook was angry and hurt and the 2 didn’t speak for months following the trade and this is when the downward spiral happened. KD’s controversial decision to join the Warriors was often a huge topic of discussion. He was a tractor, a ring chaser, a cupcake, but KD didn’t care and finally got the ring he’s been fighting for.

Westbrook even took the time to post a picture of cupcakes on his instagram as a subliminal message. Before their first match-up Russ came dressed with an orange “Official Photographer” vest. The reason behind that was of course that one of KD’s hobbies is photography. 

In November of 2017, the two got into it because Russ swiped the ball from Durant and this was the first time they really acknowledged each other. As the match-ups continued, there were heated moments of trash talking, but mostly coming from the Thunder because KD was the person who back stabbed OKC and Russ. 

Then came the time in 2018 when they were both on the All-Star team. Things were looking normal and KD even lobbed an alley oop up to Russ in the game. Time heals all right? 

Just when we thought the two were healing and getting past the beef KD throws some shade at Russ again when he states why he left OKC. 

Andddd the beef continues…

KD continues to throw shade and it’s gotten to the point where they will never, ever be friends again. 

KD who’s now a Brooklyn Net was asked to name his top 5 teammates and KD forgot Russ. He was reminded on Russ after he named his top 5, and claimed he forgot about him. Hmm..more shade thrown?? He literally picked Serge Ibaka over Russ, but maybe it was just a mistake. 

It is rumored that the two are now on better terms, but im curious to see if this beef will continue or finally come to an end, that’s if KD can just keep his mouth shut.