/10 Things We Didn’t Know About Lebron James

10 Things We Didn’t Know About Lebron James

Today we’ll take a glimpse into the life of Lebron James and get to know him a little more off the basketball court. We all know he’s the new Michael Jordan of his generation, someone who’s constantly had spotlight on him ever since high school, and a beast on the court who continues to amaze fans even at 35 years old. Today’s topic is “10 Things We Didn’t Know About Lebron James”.

1: Can use his right and left hand

Lebron is a great athlete and has been ever since first starting sports. Many have noticed how easy it is for Lebron to finish with his left hand around the basket. He actually shoots with his right hand, but when it comes to eating and writing, he’s a lefty. No wonder why the superstar athlete is one of the best to play the game of basketball. 

2: Lebron missed the fourth grade

Lebron was raised by a young single mother and she often was in and out of work. Her work situation made the two of them very unstable. She often couldn’t afford to get Lebron to school due to transportation issues, so he missed the majority of his fourth grade year. She often had to send him to live with other people, who were in more stable environments because she wanted lebron to be safe. 

3: Lebron was a top football prospect

Lebron started playing football and basketball at nine years old. He was a top High School Wide Receiver in Ohio. He received offers from top Division 1 schools, such as Norte Dame. He stopped playing going into his senior year because he broke his wrist in an AAU basketball game over the summer. Around the time when his living situations were day to day, Lebron’s peewee football coach ended up taking him in. He was able to live with his coach and make it to school everyday. He was the one who first introduced Lebron to the game of basketball as well. He then realized how important basketball was to him, so he decided to stop and focus up on basketball. Plus, being a top high school basketball player, he didn’t want to risk any other injuries due to other sports. Believe it or not, many say that Lebron could’ve made it into the NFL if we wanted to. 

4: Signed with Nike in High School

Everyone knew who Lebron James was starting in high school. He caused a huge uproar in the basketball community and many claimed he would be the next Michael Jordan. His games for St. Vincent-St.Mary were the thing to go to so they ended up playing in a larger arena to fit all the fans. Time Warner also came in to take advantage of the opportunity and offered the school a deal to broadcast the games on pay per view. Lebron ended up signing a deal with Nike, although he had choices. The contract was for $90 Million, but he wasn’t able to touch it until after graduating. He came across some troubles with his eligibility because he accepted gifts over $100, which was against the rules. In result he was suspended for two games, and had to forfeit one game as punishment. 

5: Owner of Liverpool Football Club

Lebron generates millions of dollars, so he decided to invest in another team outside of what he’s used to. He invested 65 million to become a part owner of Liverpool. His share in the club is worth at least $32 million because he receives 2% of the club’s earnings. This was a smart move on Lebrons’ part because Liverpool is a successful club in the soccer world. They’ve won 20 championships. In order to be a champion, you should hang out around champions right?

6: Lebron shares a cool record with Michael Jordan

Lebron often receives comparisons to Michael Jordan and he’s also inserted in the greatest of all time talk. Believe what you want, but one thing to keep in mind is that Lebron and MJ are the only two players to ever win league MVP, Finals MVP, and Gold Metals in the same year. Michael Jordan did it in 1992, at 29 years old, and of course Lebron had to out do the GOAT and do it at only 27 years old in 2012. There’s plenty of other arguments against Lebron being a GOAT, but this record is not for the weak. 

7: Loves Cartoons

Lebron is definitely a big kid at heart and still loves to watch cartoons. His favorite shows are Tom and Jerry and Spongebob. His teammates claim that he’s always using Family Guy jokes during practice and never gets enough of them. He grew up watching Pink Panther and Looney Toons and says that he loves to also watch Teen Titans, which appears on Cartoon Network

8: Lebron 1’s inspired by Hummer H2

His first shoes to release by Nike were inspired by the Hummer H2. For his 18th birthday, Lebron’s mother surprised him with a Hummer H2, but it brought on some investigation. They investigated to see how his mother was able to afford this car, but she claimed she took out a loan and it wasn’t a gift to the athlete. Due to all the controversy with Lebron being in the spotlight, this was a reason why he suffered from punishment his senior year. They ended up selling the Hummer in 2013 on ebay. 

9: Why #6 is important to him

Lebron wore number 23 because of Michael Jordan, but when he left Cleveland and went to Miami, he switched it up and wore #6 instead. Many people were confused on why he switched numbers, but Lebron made it clear that the #6 is very important to him. First, because his first son was born on October, 6th, and secondly, because his second son was born in June. #6 was also his number in the Olympics. 

10: Lebron married his High School sweetheart

Lebron and Savannah first started dating in high school at 16 years old. She became pregnant their senior year with their first child and decided to keep it. Lebron was a committed father and was there to comfort her throughout it all. The two dated for 12 years before Lebron finally proposed to her on New Years Eve in 2011. They ended up getting married in the summer of 2013. They currently have three kids together Bronny, Byrce and Zhuri. Bronny is a standout high school prospect and critics claim he’s following the footsteps of his father.