/10 Things We Didn’t Know About Luka Doncic

10 Things We Didn’t Know About Luka Doncic

Today we’re going to switch it up a bit and get to know a NBA superstar a little better. He made his NBA debut two years ago, and ever since he’s been considered one of the best European players to ever come into the league. He was in MVP talk only in his second season, and can be considered a future NBA legend. He is also the youngest player in plenty of categories and continues to break records left and right. Today’s topic is “10 Things We Didn’t Know About Luka Doncic”.

1. Knows four different languages

Luka has traveled to many different places because of basketball so it’s not surprising all that he’s picked up along the way. His mother tongues are Slovenian and Serbian because his mother is from Slovenia and his father is of the Serbian descent. When he decided to move to Madrid, he picked up spanish. He found it tough to live in a place where he didn’t speak the language. So within the few years he played there, he practiced and learned the new language. He also picked up english before coming to play in Dallas. 

2. Idol/Mentor is Goran Dragic

Luka’s father, Sasa, played professional ball for Union Olimpija. Luka was the ball boy for his father’s team and this was when the bond between the two started. Dragic was one of the best players, so Luka would always go to him for help on improving his skills. Ironically, Luka ended up playing with Dragic on the Slovenian national team and they became even closer. They were even roommates during their time of playing ball together. 

3. Picked up a Basketball at a young age and always played with older players

Luka was seven months old when he used to play with his small basketball hoop in his room. Due to his father being a professional player, he always had a ball in his hands. He officially started playing competitively at seven years old. Once the coaches saw him play a few minutes in a game, they instantly moved him up to play with the 10 year olds. Every year he stood out from kids his age and was constantly moved up to a team older. At only 13 years old, he signed a five-year deal to play for the Real Madrid 16U team. 

4. Youngest player to debut in EuroLeague

Luka became the youngest player to ever play in the ACB league for Real Madrid at 16 years, 2 months and 2 days old. He also became the youngest EuroLeague MVP in the 2017-2018 season. He averaged 16 points, 4.9 rebounds, and 4.4 assists for Real Madrid and they won the Championship this year. He was only 19 years old during the EuroLeague Finals. 

5. Dating Lingerie Model

Luka and his model girlfriend started dating in 2016 before his rise to stardom in the NBA. The met each other as kids in 2011 and have been inseparable ever since. He lives with his girlfriend and two dogs.

6. His mother was a model/dancer and hurdler

Although Luka was one of the best draft prospects to come out of Europe, and drafted third in the 2018 draft, the one thing all fans noticed was Luka’s mom. Andre Igudolas’ thirst was seen publicly on twitter as he tweeted “Moms decent” as Luka got drafted. She was born and raised in Slovenia and is a former model, dancer and hurdler. She married Luka’s father, Sasa, in 1999, but they filed for a divorce in 2008. She had full custody over Luka, so she fully committed to his basketball lifestyle and followed him wherever he went. She moved with him when he went to Real Madrid and Dallas and has been a very supportive mother. 

7. Why the Kings didn’t draft Luka

In the 2018 Draft, the Kings had the chance to draft Luka, but ended up drafting Marvin Bagley instead. At the moment it may have seemed like a great choice for the Kings, but who knew King’s GM Vlade Divac would end up regretting this selection. The reason why he didn’t choose Luka is quite irrational in my opinion. Vlade claims he didn’t select Luka because of his father and what he thought of him as a player. He thought Luka would be a similar player to him, so he passed up on the greatest opportunity for his franchise at the time. Not saying that Luka is the GOAT, but he must understand how the GM’s feel who passed up on Kobe Bryant, for example. 

8. Jordan Deal

In Luka’s sophomore season, he averaged 28.7 points, 9.3 rebounds and 8.7 assists. He was the biggest shoe free agent next to Zion Williamson, so Jordan took advantage of the opportunity and signed the young upcoming superstar to a five-year deal with the brand. His stat line was apparently the best in NBA history, in only his second year, plus he was the youngest player to score 2,000 points in the NBA before reaching the legal age of 21 years old. Luka made some predictions about his first two years and so far he’s accomplished both goals. His first year he claimed he would be Rookie of the Year, and he was. His second year he claimed he would make the playoffs and make his All-Star debut, and that became true as well. Luka is also a huge Lebron fan, and he’s earned Lebron’s respect. After Luka became the second player, behind lebron, to have a 40 point triple-double before the age of 21 years old, Lebron called Luka “A bad Motherfuc–!” and how cool is it to hear this from one of your idols

9. Loves Video Games

Luka is a huge gamer and usually spends 2-3 hours per day playing. His favorite games are FIFA and Overwatch. He is such a huge gamer, he even had a custom chair made for when he plays the game. The NBA is a huge adjustment to the young man, so he probably doesn’t get to play it as much as he used to, but he probably still squeezes it in when he can.

10.  Nickname

Not many people know that Luka’s nickname is “Wonder Boy.” While playing in Real Madrid, the Spanish newspapers gave him this nickname, but it hasn’t come fully into play yet here in the NBA. Luka wasn’t always the biggest player, especially playing against grown men at a young age, so he constantly had to add tricks into his playing style. He has great footwork, and ball handling skills that make it hard for anyone to guard him. Eventually, he outgrew a lot of players he competed against, so now with his height and size, plus skills he’s developed over time, he became an even better player. The Dallas Mavs actually won the rights to his nickname, so if he were to ever leave Dallas, he couldn’t go by that name anymore. Announcers are slowly starting to call him by this name, so let’s see if it will ever catch on.