/NBA 2K League goes International

NBA 2K League goes International

The Esports NBA 2K League is working towards international expansion to create and even bigger fan base. This allows some international 2K players to potentially get in the spotlight if they are given the right chance. The article states the league is a 23-team league for 2020 and have created a European qualifying event in London which will create much more exposure and interest from players all over Europe. The NBA estimates they have 1.6 billion fans worldwide and the 2K League has increased 34% from 2018 as they are trying to grow the viewership and production of the game. The qualifying event in London is holding players from several different countries such as France, Austria, Belgium, Spain, and Turkey in hopes to get a wide variety of talent and different skillsets. Members who qualify at the event in London will have the opportunity to be drafted in the next years 2k League Draft with a chance to be crowned a 2k League Champion. The 2k League has started allowing the league teams to host games at certain stadiums instead of playing at the 2K League Studio in New York. This is great exposure for the game at a perfect time with Esports taking off and more events will continue to happen as individuals start to realize how big 2k really is and how many people can connect from the game. Some rare individuals have to talent to make playing in the 2K League their job and be able provide for themselves. It shows how far video games as a whole have come from, they started to being varsity high school sports at some schools. The 2K has plans to continue making the experience for the fans as great as possible and improve the each and every year creating the next best thing. The league has several plans to attempt and get team outside the United States and are trying to reach to new players as well as entire countries to invest their time into the game of NBA 2K. One of the newest teams into the 2K League is based out of Shanghai which will produce new members and new faces into the world of 2K. The expansion of the 2K league is a major deal for the game of 2K, the NBA, fans, players, and gaming franchises as this can benefit multiple individuals for the game they love. Esports has erupted over the past decade and will only continue to grow especially during this time period. Some colleges are starting to provide degree programs for esports and is allowing some individuals to pursue what they truly want in life which is to work and video games such as 2K or any other esports games. 2K has been a great and consistent game over the last decade as more new features continue to be introduced into the game. Much more could be coming soon for the NBA 2K game if the international league expansion deal can go through and reach many players who have been waiting for a chance to be seen and known.