/NBA in shadows of uncertainty

NBA in shadows of uncertainty

Amidst the uncertainty of a possible resumption or cancellation of the current NBA season, some players have kept up their physical preparation at home, following a daily exercise routine along with ball training. However, some players are isolated in homes where it is difficult for them to perform the programs and sessions recommended by the management and the athletic staff of their teams and the league.

It’s been a month now since the league was temporarily suspended and the inactivity of many players is a sign that they will not be physically fit to finish the league — in case it resumes — due to the lack of high-level competition, even more so if it is restored with few games before the postseason. There is also the possibility that it will be resumed from the playoffs. The more time passes, the more difficult it will be to condition players physically to an optimal level.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said no game on the regular calendar has been canceled. In economic terms, if the season is shortened or canceled altogether, hundreds of millions of dollars will be lost. Players’ salaries will be paid in full on April 15, even though they haven’t played a game in a month.

In case of epidemics or pandemics, the league can resort to the force majeure event, according to the legal agreement between the league and the players’ association. According to this agreement, players could lose 1.08% of their annual salary for every game canceled.

Due to the hiatus, a virtual tournament was held between players with the NBA 2K video game. Additionally, the NBA HORSE Challenge will also be held in collaboration with the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA), which will feature 10-time All-Star Chris Paul, along with Trae Young, Zach LaVine, Paul Pierce, Chauncey Billups, Mike Conley Jr., Allie Quigley, and Tamika Catchings.

However, while the league produces ephemeral tournaments for the sports community, staff changes were made at the Chicago Bulls’ offices. Arturas Karnisovas is the new executive vice president of basketball operations for the Illinois franchise and has appointed J.J. Polk as the new assistant general manager.

The league’s prospects are uncertain, and we don’t know if the season will end or not; the truth is that if time keeps passing by, it will make it impossible for us to enjoy the best basketball in the world at its best, the playoffs. There is still hope for its resumption. There is no negativism around the competition,

the owners, the managers, the players, and above all, the fans want the NBA to resume. And eventually, it will happen.

By Reyberth Aponte