/NBA SERIES – If I had my way

NBA SERIES – If I had my way

Have you ever longed for a little more physicality in the NBA without it becoming brutal? Well, I do. And I’m sure I’m not the only one. Action in sports is entertaining. So, why not offer the fans some more?

I remember how I used to enjoy watching action movies, and how most non-action movies bored me. Today’s video games are action packed. They have set the tone for what people need to see when showtime is on display. Who like to see a boxing match where a boxer is running around all the time trying not to get hit? In the NBA this tactic is called 3-point shooting from a distance. Yes, I said it!

I am not against 3-point shooting, but it takes away more than it adds to the game, in terms of close-combat action. This brings me to what I would like to see changed in the NBA.

  • Limit 3-point shooting.

There should be zones where one can make a 3-point shot, and zones where it is counted as 2 points, regardless if the shoot is taken behind the 3-point line. Shooting one step behind the 3-point line and from it, as well as from the logo or the middle line should be counted as three points. No where else. Let players come to the battle and stop being a sniper from afar.

by Paul Lowe