/Thank you Vince

Thank you Vince

The Un-Rewarding End of a Legend’s Career!

Vincent Lamar Carter Jr., aka Vince Carter, has seen his days in the NBA come to an unfortunate end. Many of us, in different ways, have been dramatically affected by the Corona virus pandemic. For a fan, and as someone who appreciates basketball, night in and night out, you could see the respect earned by the legend. Regardless of home or away, Vince Carter deserved to be properly celebrated. Twenty-two year`s of being “Half Man and Half Amazing‘‘, owning the NBA all-time record for most seasons played, doesn’t get to have the storybook ending we all witnessed. Over his glorified career he has left us with so many memories that will last forever, and never be forgotten.

In the name of Celebrating Vince Carter, why don’t we highlight a few:

  • Drafted to the NBA in 1998 in the first round by the Golden State Warriors, then directly traded to the Toronto Raptors (1 Round, Pick 5). (Here, He Inspired A Nation, and the basketball boom in Canada).
  • Arguably one of his best moments ever, Vince Carter´s 2000 Dunk Contest. (With one of the most electrifying entertaing Dunk Contests ever, he left us simply speechless. Do you remember Shaq’s face?)
  • In 2005, he would then be traded to the New Jersey Nets, currently known as Brookln Nets. (Here he would pair with Jason Kidd, helping the Nets win 10 of their last 12 games, and clinching the 8th seed in the Eastern Conference Playoffs). One of his most memorable moments during that season, was his “Dunk on Alonzo Mourning‘‘.
  • As a member of Team USA in the 2000 Sydney Olympics, and probably the most memorable moment of Vince Carter`s Career, he would give us, never mind saying a dunk to remember, but a dunk that no one will ever forget. (The Dunk of Death, speaks for itself)

The list of moments that Vinsanity has provided the basketball world with, goes beyond measure. His professionalism for twenty-two long years in the NBA, has been one of the best examples of how young upcoming NBA players, can prolong their careers. There are not enough words, that can sum up the kind of ending Vince Carter deserved, so I’ll leave you with this; Vince Carter thank you for an unbelievable career, and even though this has been an unbelievable ending, you will eventually see an unbelievable celebration. More than just a man, you were amazing, Thank You!

Omar Collington