/Top 5 Ball Handlers in the NBA Today

Top 5 Ball Handlers in the NBA Today

#5 James Harden

Coming in at number five is James Harden of the Houston Rockets. First of all, he’s a lefty, which is an advantage, but he’s quite shifty as well. He’s also creative with getting to the basket and very deceiving. A Lot of players can go north or south, but he goes east and west as well, making it hard to dictate where his next move is, which always makes the defender a step behind. James Harden is a shooting guard, but his handles are incredible. He’s able to bring up the ball or play on the wing, also being one of the most lethal scorers in the NBA. 

Defenders who guard Harden find that you have to put pressure on him as soon as he gets the ball because once he gains momentum going down hill it’s almost impossible to stop him. 

He has a killer step-back that creates all the space needed for him to get the ball off. The ball is constantly on his hip, so goodluck stopping him.

#4 Chris Paul

Next, we got Chris Paul of the Oklahoma City Thunder. He is a great floor general and knows when to turn it on. He’s one of the smartest point guards in the game even coming close to retirement. His basketball IQ is off the charts, he’s creative and crafty. He’s not as flashy compared to other ball handlers in the league, but he’s trustworthy and gets the job done. 

He would be a true definition of a student of the game, which is why he’s still able to compete with all the young talent in the NBA currently.

If the games on the line, and you need someone to make the right decisions, then give CP3 the ball.

#3 Jamal Crawford

Next, at number three is the vetern shooting guard Jamal Crawford of the Brooklyn Nets. Also known as Jcrossover because his handles are just that smooth. His streetball style is something that stands out because he doesn’t have that tight low dribble like CP3 or Kyrie. He’s 6’6 with a 6’10 wingspan, but man can he dribble. Defenders are always tempted to reach because it seems like he doesn’t protect the ball as much as he should, but if you reach…you know the rest. 

He’s such an outstanding ball handler and the crazy part is…he’s never done a ball handling drill in his life. That’s what you call talent. On the other hand, Crawford is one of the best sixth men in NBA history. So if you want to get your handles right, just watch Jamal Crawford’s mixtapes and see how smooth he is with the ball. 

#2 Steph Curry

Next, in the number two spot is Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors. Everyone always hears about Steph being a great shooter, but how do you think he ends up getting all those shots up? He’s fluid and very intelligent, but the crazy part is…he’s also deadly from almost anywhere. Steph can create his own shot from anywhere, but also makes others around him better. He’s great at coming off screens, reading the defense and making the right decision…but if he has an inch of space you know the shot is coming.

Steph has been breaking ankles for some years now and will continue to do so. This is why is coming in at number two on this list.

#1 Kyrie Irving

He may be one of the best ball handlers of all time…Kyrie Irving, of the Brooklyn Nets, is our number one best ball handler in the NBA. His nasty crossovers, ability to dribble equally good with both hands, and dime passes is what separates him from everyone else. He’s just so unpredictable when the ball is in his hands. Not like Jamal Crawford, Kyrie, stays in the gym and works on his handles.

Kyrie has a very low dribble, which makes it harder for defenders to steal the ball. He achieved this by putting in hours and hours of work. Kyrie says that he uses his imagination a lot by mentally putting himself in situations. He also practices shooting off the dribble, with different dribbles. Kyrie is the gymrat that everyone wants to be and even flies in early to games just to get a pre-game workout in. His hard work pays off, which is why he is the best ball handler in the NBA. 

So…some players just got lucky and have the natural talent and others have to put in multiple hours and work hard to get to that elite level. Who’s your top 5? Drop a comment and let us know.