/Interview with Daniel Theis

Interview with Daniel Theis

Growing up in Germany, did you have a favorite International NBA player?

Theis: “Mostly growing up in Germany also means growing up playing soccer. I started playing basketball when I was 15. When I started, I was obviously a big fan of Dirk Nowitzki because he had the success, he was in the NBA – he was amazing. So, it was Nowitzki. But over all my favorite player to watch was Kevin Garnett.”

After going undrafted in the 2013 NBA Draft, do you have any advice for athletes with a basketball dream?

Theis: “In my opinion, not getting drafted doesn´t necessarily mean you´re not good enough for the NBA. Maybe it means you´re not ready yet. When I didn’t get drafted in 2013, it was motivation for me. I wanted to work harder, I wanted to make it to the NBA, I wanted to pursue my dream of playing in the NBA one day. For me it was just ‘play harder, work harder, so one day I´ll make it to the NBA’.”

Being an international player, what do you think about the globalization of the game?

Theis: “It´s very important that fans all over the world have the chance of being part of the NBA and the Jr. NBA in certain ways. The NBA and the teams are doing a great job. For example, the NBA games in London, when we had a chance two years ago to play there. Then this year the game in Paris where Milwaukee played and some preseason games took place in Mexico City. Fans not only in the US have a chance to attend NBA games and to be close to their idols or favorite players.”

Funniest Celtics teammate?

Theis: “The funniest Celtics teammate is definitely Marcus. Everyone who knows Marcus, knows he keeps the whole team entertained and always has something to say or is doing something that people laugh about. He just makes people laugh – in the locker room or at practice. But also, Grant. Grant is a goofy guy, man. Maybe you saw when he did the comparison with space jam and our team.”

Being from Germany, what are your thoughts on Dirk Nowitzki?

Theis: “Being from Germany, means being a big fan of Dirk Nowitzki. He had an amazing career. He played his whole career in one franchise. He brought the NBA Championship to Dallas – definitely a future Hall of Famer. He changed the game for every 7-footer: He started shooting threes, shooting one legged fade aways. – Big fan!”