/How NBA Portland Trailblazers guard Damian Lillard is adjusting to life at home

How NBA Portland Trailblazers guard Damian Lillard is adjusting to life at home

What is your normal day under these circumstances?

Lillard: My son just turned two, so he gets up every morning between 7 and 7:30 o’clock, so I get up and make him breakfast, change him, put him back into his bed, turn on his cartoons, entertain him, take him outside, put him down for a nap. Then I go work out while he´s napping. Then we make lunch. He´s like a full-time job. So, I´ve been having a really busy day just chasing him around.

So, how many shots are you able to get up in the course of a day now while you wait to see when and if play resumes? 

Lillard: I mean, I got a court outside of my house and I kind of shoot around out there and have been messing around a little bit. But as far as like a real workout on the court or in a real gym I haven’t shot a ball since they told us we couldn´t go into our facility. Other than shooting on my hoop outside I haven’t been getting shots up. I just have my fitness center at my house, fortunately for me. So, I can do conditioning and lift weights and all that. I mean, other than the ball we don’t have options. 

You know the last time you played a game was march 10th. That marks about a month since you´ve played. Does it feel like a month or does it feel like a year?

It feels like a year! It definitely feels like a year. I think the night before All-Star-Weekend I strained my groin. I think that was February 12th. So, from February 12th until maybe a month later – I missed All-Star-Weekend, then I missed six games post All-Star-Weekend. And then I came back and played like four games. And that time period was about a month, but I still felt like time was passing, but not a lot, because I was still going in and working out, getting treatment, following the team, I was at practice – I just had stuff to do. Now it´s a month of just nothing. Like I´m in the house every day. I´m on daddy day care every day. It´s two completely different things, but both times it was a month off for me.