/NBA Restart Still in Limbo

NBA Restart Still in Limbo

With states around the U.S. reopening for business, the NBA was prepared to do the same. Initially, the league was ready to reopen practice facilities in areas around the country where social distancing guidelines were being relaxed. 

That all changed when the NBA announced on Monday, April 27, that the league would not do anything until May 8 at the soonest. Along with the announcement, commissioner Adam Silver established a set of guidelines for the league to follow when practice facilities do reopen.

  • Teams will have no more than four players using the practice facility at one time.
  • No coaches, head or assistant, are allowed to participate.
  • There will be no group activity such as scrimmages or team practices.
  • Players may not use non-team facilities (gyms, fitness centers, and health clubs).
  • Facemasks must be worn in the facility except during physical activity. 
  • Team staffers must remain at least 12 feet from players. 

The state of Georgia was the first to announce it was going to slowly reopen its economy. With that announcement, the NBA was thinking it would reopen practice facilities on May 1 in areas where social distancing was being relaxed. 

The NBA’s Hawks, located in Atlanta, are Georgia’s only NBA team. The Hawks had already decided that they would not reopen any of their facilities on May 1. 

The new May 8 date will apply only to NBA teams located in areas with relaxed stay-at-home guidelines. NBA teams located in states where stay-at-home orders have yet to be lifted will not be able to get into their team facilities just yet. 

There are a high number of NBA players that currently lack access to any equipment that could help them train. Some players are unable to even work on their shooting. This is why several players have said the league needs to give them time to get back into playing form. Players have not played in six weeks and apparently will not be playing for a few more.

The NBA agrees and appears ready to give players 11 days to work out individually before bringing players together for a 14-day training camp. Once the 25-day preparation period ends, the 2019-20 season can resume. 

Rick Bouch