/Lebrons Promise

Lebrons Promise

LeBron’s promise 2016- The limelight is bright and after 4 games, the Warriors lead 3-1. People are starting to scrub LeBron off as if one of those greases you wash in the dishes. With 2 blowout games, it was all clear that the Warriors were clear favorites of winning back-to-back championships. LeBron failed again in his promise to bring a championship to his hometown. The Warriors are just poised to win it all again at the expense of LeBron’s 2-4 legacy at that time. However, the Cavs had other plans. They won two straight- one game had Kyrie and LBJ combine for 82 points. The basketball gods were also in favor; Bogut was injured, Draymond was suspended and it was all set: the Cavs have a chance to be the first team in NBA history to come back from a 3-1 lead. All of Wine and Gold celebrated as this is the first 3-1 comeback in history. The Land had a series for the ages lead by their hometown hero. This was the first title of the state of Cleveland since the 1970’s. The Warriors blew a 3-1 lead following a 3-1 comeback themselves. LeBron, a 19-year old teenager from St. Vincent and Mary is now a 3 time champ. From his first tenure with the Cavs and to the back to back in South beach, he has already proven to the an all time great. His has really proven that promises are meant to be fulfilled and not broken. He has built his own brand- Mobility. Winning in multiple franchises capped off with a legendary comeback. In hindsight, the 2016 Cavaliers may not be the most talented in recent memory but they really had one of the biggest hearts. They won on the road and against the greatest regular season team in history. This is sure to be one of the greatest legacy that The King will leave once he hangs his jersey for good.

Miguel Ylanan Jumonong