/NBA Exhibition Games Begin This Week with a Twist

NBA Exhibition Games Begin This Week with a Twist

As NBA teams continue to prepare for the restart of the 2019-20 season, the three-game exhibition season will get underway on Wednesday, July 22. Each team will play three exhibition games leading up to the resumption of the season on July 30.

The first exhibition game for each team will feature a slight twist. The game will be a little shorter than normal. Instead of the usual 12-minute quarters, the initial exhibition game for each team will have 10-minute quarters.

The idea is to not wear down players that have not played a game in over four months. The change in timing was also brought about because some of the 22 teams at the Walt Disney World Resort do not have their full lineups yet because of the coronavirus.

Only the first exhibition game will feature this change. The second and third exhibitions for all teams will feature the normal 12-minute quarters. The exhibition games will start on Wednesday and continue through July 28. All 33 games are to be televised through some combination of national and local TV, NBA TV, and NBA League Pass.

The NBA is still discussing other changes that may or may not occur for the exhibition games. One is in relation to uniforms. The league may give teams the option of wearing their game uniforms or playing in their practice gear for the exhibition games. Most teams were planning to wear their uniforms.

Another change being discussed is using a rotation of referees. Games could have more than three officials that work on a rotating system. The league has made no decision as of yet on this change.

Most coaches are hoping they get their teams through the exhibition games with their health intact. Coaches want to make sure players are not overworked, playing too many minutes, and getting injured.